Salt Lake City Citizen Representation

About the Citizen Representation Map

The Salt Lake City Citizen Representation Map is a map depicting boundary lines for City Council Districts and recognized neighborhood-based community organizations. More information on Salt Lake City government structure and City Councils is available here. Information on recognized neighborhood-based community organizations is available here.

Using the Map

Click on the "+" symbol to zoom in on the map or the "-" symbol to zoom out on the map. You may also enter a valid Salt Lake City address and zoom to that location on the map. As the map zooms in, more information will appear including parcel boundaries with address numbers. When parcels appear, you can click on a parcel for information about the parcel.

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Notice: All maps, data, information, or downloadable files are intended to be used as a visualization tool for various features within the city's limits. These materials are provided as is, with the city free of any and all liability associated with the use of GIS related materials contained within these web pages..