Roadway Projects and Public Way Permits Information Map

Use this interactive map for information on programmed roadway construction projects and permitted work in the public right of way.


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About the Map

This interactive map displays Salt Lake City Engineering programmed roadway construction projects, issued permits for work in the public right of way, and planned surface maintenance by Salt Lake City Streets. Recently completed projects and permits may appear for up to one month beyond the completion date. Roadway improvement projects appearing on this map are funded Salt Lake City projects or projects Salt Lake City is working on in conjuction with other agencies. Projects by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), Utah Transit Authority (UTA), Salt Lake County, as well as private construction projects outside of the public right of way may not appear on this map.

Using the Map

Click on the "+" symbol to zoom in on the map or the "-" symbol to zoom out on the map. You may also enter a valid Salt Lake City address and zoom to the location on the map. The toolbar below the title of the map has tools to display the map legend, display the map layer list, print the map, and more. You may hover over a tool with your mouse to display a tool-tip.

Frequently Asked Questions About Programmed Roadway Projects and Permits

What is a programmed project?
Programmed projects are funded projects which are in design, currently under construction or recently completed. Programmed projects include both Capital Improvement Projects and Funding our Future projects. Projects with an estimated end date within one month previous to today's date may still appear on the map for reference purposes.
Who do I contact with a project or permit related question?
Projects should have a Contact Name and Contact Phone and Email. This contact information is available by clicking on a project work area on the map. You can also send an Email to Engineering Info.
Who do I contact with a surface treatment related question?
For any street maintenance related questions, please contact SLC Streets
I am having a technical issue with the map. Who can I contact?
For technical issues with mapping applications and this website, please send an email to Map Issues.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fiber Construction in Salt Lake City

What is the status of fiber construction?
Various companies are installing fiber in Salt Lake City, making a definite beginning and end date difficult to define.
How long will the construction in my yard last?
A great deal of construction will involve boring in parking strips and the street. This type of construction should last between 8 and 14 days to complete. If the construction is occurring on a power pole, it will likely take less time and be less disturbing than if in the street or parking strip.
Who is participating in the construction?
Several Internet service providers have fiber infrastructure in Salt Lake City that will either be updated or expanded. For more information about future service, please contact the respective customer support for these companies.
How can I know if the construction on my property is fiber-related?
Check to see if a phone number is located on the vehicle at the site. If no phone number is displayed, check the above map or the Citizen Access Portal to research individual permits near your address.
Will my property be affected by the construction?
Contractors working in the Public Way with a permit from the city should not encroach on private property without permission from the property owner. Sometimes there are Utility Easements recorded on properties that owners are not aware of.
Can I find out more about the permits related to this construction?
Once you know the name of the company, the location of the work, and the type of construction, the SLC Engineering Division (see the contact info below) can help you find out more information.
Which parts of the city will be receiving high-speed fiber in the near future?
Each Internet service provider has a unique coverage area. For inquiries regarding specific addresses and whether they occur within the planned coverage area, please contact the Internet service provider directly.
Who do I contact with a fiber construction related question?
  • Google Construction Complaints: (877) 454.6959
  • Century Link Construction Complaints: (801) 237.4847
  • Comcast Construction Complaints: (800) 273.1595
  • Salt Lake City Fiber Hotline (for unresolved or ongoing issues): (801) 535.6466
  • Press-Related Information: TBD