Featured Maps and Applications

Use our online maps and applications for easy access to community information.

Citizen Representation

This map depicts boundary lines for City Council Districts and recognized neighborhood-based community organizations.

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Zoning Lookup Map

Use this map to identify zoning for property located within Salt Lake City.

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Active Projects and Permits Information Map

This map displays current City construction projects and permitted activity in the public right of way.

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Funding Our Future Bond Projects

A website and interactive map for exploring Funding Our Future street reconstruction projects.

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Pavement Condition Map

This map displays pavement conditions of roadway segments in Salt Lake City.

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Engineering Atlas Plat Index

An Atlas Plat is a map depicting the subdivisions of land within the City. Use this map to locate, view, and download an Atlas Plat.

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Public Way Excavation Restriction Map

This map displays established and future excavation restrictions on infrastructure in the public right of way.

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Public Art Map Tour

An interactive map for exploring Salt Lake City's extensive collection of public art.

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GIS Open Data Portal

Use our GIS portal for discovering and accessing Salt Lake City managed GIS data.

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SLC Mobile / Service Requests

SLC Mobile is a multi platform solution for providing access to a set of local government-provided services, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.


Looking for Salt Lake City GIS Data?

In an effort to improve access to Salt Lake City-managed GIS data, Salt Lake City Geographic Information Systems is developing an Open GIS Data Portal to distribute Salt Lake City GIS data. Our objective is to provide easy and efficient access to spatial data in several formats and services.